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Yakima Families of K-8 boys, you don’t want to be a scallywag and miss this treasured event! Join us on Saturday, January 28, 2023 at the West Valley High School for mothers and sons to adventure together.

RAM to Wildcat

Aug 12, 2022

Successfully completing required courses in the Ram to Wildcat program earns students the 54 credits needed to fulfill Central Washington University’s general education requirements equaling one year of college coursework.

WVHS was among the first in the state to collaborate with the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee to offer student apprenticeships. Learn about Steven Sanchez's success in the program.

Managing Feelings

May 23, 2022

Mrs. De Wet at Mountainview Elementary and other classrooms across the district have been offering programs like the Helping Us Be Our Best (HUBB) program to their students.

Chloe's got a wealth of wisdom and memorable expressions from her days at WVHS. Hear more about what she'll miss and what she's looking forward to.

In 2017, West Valley High School partnered with the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) to start a Youth Apprenticeship Program.

Amber Stiles-Gill coordinates literacy, math, and English language support classes at the WV Mid-Level Campus. “I, like any teacher, love the way a student’s face lights up when they make significant progress or accomplish something they haven’t before,” Amber shares. “But what I love more than anything is when a student who is convinced they hate to read becomes a student who doesn’t want to stop reading.”

Jessica Hunter’s PE class has a unit on bike riding where and students learn this fundamental skill on a new path at the recently remodeled Summitview Elementary.

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