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Too Sick Graphic

When Is Sick Too Sick For School?

Tis the season for colds and flu. It's important to keep sick kids home to get healthy stop the spread of germs. See the attached flyer to understand when a child is too sick for school, and when you can safely send them in.
Structured Play

Structured Play

Can a child learn something even when they are playing a game and having fun? Absolutely! In our kindergarten classes, this is called 'structured play' and it is one of the best ways for young children to learn new things
Therapy Dog

Apple Valley Elementary Therapy Dog Program

It’s official...Apple Valley has “gone to the dogs!”  We are excited to introduce therapy dogs to Apple Valley and share with you the plans we have been carefully working on over the last two years.
Team teachers

Team Teaching at Summitview Elementary

The big change at Summitview Elementary has brought with it some incredible opportunities for students and teachers. Several grade-level teams at Summitview and Apple Valley have opted to team teach this year.