Pre-K Initiative

The purpose of the West Valley PreK Initiative is to prepare students for academic success and life-long learning.

If the West Valley PreK Initiative supports partnerships between Early Learning Providers and the District, then more students will enter West Valley schools “Kindergarten Ready.”

We believe that the West Valley PreK Initiative can build on family involvement strengths from the early learning community and the district’s Parent Child Home Program to develop family support that will benefit students throughout their K-12 experience.

For more information about the PreK Initiative, please contact:


Dr. Peter Finch, Superintendent

P-3 Leadership Team meetings are held monthly during the school year at the West Valley High School Library, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Below is our current calendar.

Check out our Resource Library for tools and resources for the Pre-K Initiative.

P-3 Leadership Team

The P-3 Leadership Team provides guidance to the West Valley PreK Initiative and P-3 Alignment of curriculum, instruction, assessment, interventions, professional development, and family engagement strategies. The team meets on a monthly basis. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in joining the team. The P-3 Leadership Team includes administrators and school staff (Grades PreK-3), representatives from community preschools, ESD105, Department of Early Learning, and higher ed.

Official Partners

Official Partners agree to four commitments:

  1. Use the Washington State Early Learning Guidelines (standards);
  2. Share student assessment data;
  3. Participate in district-sponsored professional development; and
  4. Collaborate through participation on the P-3 Leadership Team and Official Partner meetings.

Official Partner meetings are held fall, winter, and spring. Preschool teachers and Kindergarten teachers meet in small groups to share “best practices” for instruction, assessment, instructional materials, classroom management, etc. and to share student transition information.

Check out our Resource Library for a list of our current Official Partners.

Our meeting schedule for this calendar year is available below.

West Valley PreK Workshops

West Valley PreK Workshops are offered at no charge to early learning providers, preschool teachers, school staff, parents, and community members. Every effort is made to have co-presenters from early learning professionals and K-12 leaders in order to model a true sense of partnership – the foundation of the West Valley PreK Initiative. West Valley PreK Workshops are offered four times a year: summer, fall, winter, and spring. Topics are identified by the P-3 Leadership Team. Workshops have focused on areas of concern from WaKIDS assessment data (student social-emotional components, math, and literacy).