Staff Spotlight - Toni Paganelli

Feb 22, 2024

Toni Paganelli teaches second grade students at Ahtanum Valley Elementary

Ahtanum Valley Elementary is proud to recognize one of the most dedicated and amazing teachers you could ever find – second grade teacher Toni Paganelli.

With nearly 25 years of teaching experience, Toni Paganelli stands out as an exceptional educator committed to shaping the future of her students. Toni teaches with clarity, purpose, and a personalized approach. Within one lesson, it is a common sight to see 3 to 4 groups of students working at different levels - with supports for each student! She cares deeply about her kids and commits herself to seeing growth in each one!

Serving in leadership roles at both the building and district levels, Toni's impact is far-reaching. Her dedication extends beyond her own classroom; she actively supports fellow teachers, sharing insights and resources to elevate the teaching community.

A tireless advocate for her students, Toni's commitment is reflected in her students' remarkable academic growth year after year. Known for her deep understanding of each student's abilities, she ensures no one is left behind.

In celebrating Toni Paganelli, we honor not only an experienced teacher but a compassionate advocate for education. Her dedication to her students, colleagues, and the overall success of the school and district makes her a true inspiration and a well loved member of the Ahtanum Valley family.