Music Performers at our Ahtanum Valley Elementary

Mar 28, 2023

Recently, our Ahtanum Valley Elementary 3rd grade students were practicing their songs for our 3rd Grade Friendship Music Performance.

Our music teacher, Mr. Edgar, has a favorite band called Carbon Leaf and this band has a hit song on the Billboard music charts called The Friendship Song. This song is featured on the Curious George movie soundtrack as well. After hearing about the way our 3rd grade students were performing the song so well, Mr. Edgar posed a question.... "What would happen if we sent it to the band themselves?" said Mr. Edgar.

So, that is precisely what they did. The response was even better than expected. After the show, Mr. Edgar sent a recording of their performance to the band Carbon Leaf and hoped for the best. Not long after he sent the musical performance video, Mr. Edgar got a response! The band Carbon Leaf asked if they could share the students performance on their band's social media page. Our Ahtanum Valley Elementary students couldn't have been more thrilled!

"While the fame and notoriety didn’t come like the kids thought it would, it was pretty cool to be featured on a famous band’s social media page." Principal Nick Hartman.

Carbon Leaf Social Media Account