Celebrating Our Top 1%

Jun 14, 2024

We are proud to celebrate the outstanding achievements of four remarkable individuals from West Valley High School: Katie Murdock, Charlie Naught, Josh Raj, and Ivy Tweedy. These students exemplify the academic excellence and leadership of 2024’s graduating class.

Principal Ben McMurry notes the Class of 2024’s journey has been challenging. "This group of seniors has shown great perseverance throughout their high school career. They started their freshmen year learning remotely and in a hybrid model. They have fought hard to get back on track academically and still meet all their graduation requirements."

Among their 347 graduating peers, Katie, Charlie, Josh, and Ivy took those challenges and pushed their expectations even further. They threw themselves into studies, sports, and service, and have brought WV’s Ram spirit to life in exceptional ways!

We had a chance to catch up with our Top 1%-ers and get their thoughts on their experiences here at WV and beyond.

Katie Murdock

Katie Murdock's journey at West Valley High School is marked by her dedication to academics and athletics. As an accomplished runner, Katie was an integral part of the cross-country and track teams throughout her four years. Her most memorable moment was when the cross-country team achieved third place in the state championship this year.

Beyond athletics, Katie's academic prowess shines bright. Despite facing challenges in subjects like calculus, she persevered with the help of supportive teachers like Mr. Nordstrom. Katie's passion for science and fitness has led her to pursue a career as a dietitian, a path she will embark on at BYU Provo alongside her twin sister, Nicole.

Katie Murdock, Class of 2024

Charlie Naught

Charlie Naught's high school experience has been defined by his love for sports and community service. A dedicated member of the cross country and track teams, Charlie's proudest moment was making it to the state championship in cross country the last three years. His passion for athletics is matched only by his commitment to giving back through organizations like the National Honor Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Inspired by his experiences, Charlie aspires to become a veterinarian, combining his love for animals with his interest in biology. His journey will begin at CWU, where he plans to run for the cross country and track team before pursuing graduate work at WSU.

Charlie Naught, Class of 2024

Josh Raj

Josh Raj's time at West Valley High School has been marked by his academic achievements and leadership roles. From serving on the homecoming court to fundraising to support those impacted by the Maui Wildfire, Josh has demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact in his community. Josh’s dedication to his studies, particularly in math and science, has pointed him to pursue bioengineering at the University of Washington.

Deeply inspired by his mother and sister and their pursuit of medicine, Josh is up for the challenge of a dense field of study. He’s eager to let his studies broaden his interests and point him to opportunities to combine his love for math, science, engineering, health, and medicine.

Josh Raj, Class of 2024

Ivy Tweedy

Ivy Tweedy’s high school journey is a testament to her resilience, leadership, and dedication to empowering others. From her involvement in Rams on the Red Carpet, celebrating women's achievements, to her four-year role as treasurer of the Associated Student Body (ASB), Ivy has consistently demonstrated her commitment to service.

In addition to her leadership roles, Ivy's passion for tennis has brought her joy and accomplishment, culminating in a memorable victory at the Inland Empire tournament.

As Ivy looks toward the future, she’s feverishly evaluating whether she will continue as a ram at Colorado State University or brave the rains at the University of Washington.

Congratulations to our entire 2024 graduating class! Thank you for your contribution to our WV community. We’re excited to see the bountiful world you’ll build.

Ivy Tweedy, Class of 2024