Mar 31, 2022

For students in WVSD208’s Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship, and Design (or AMPED), the days of sitting in math class thinking, “I will never use this!” are long gone. The AMPED class teaches math with applications in the real-world and future careers. AMPED Algebra is available for students in grades 7-9. In addition, AMPED Design is available at the high school as an option for 9th grade students.

With the help of their math teacher, 8th grade students are placed in AMPED Algebra or AMPED Design for their 9th grade year. In AMPED Design, students learn Algebra 1 concepts through hands-on experiences with an emphasis on business math. They tackle real-world scenarios through operating a school-based apparel print shop to practice inventory, purchasing, printing processes, quality control, and finances.

Students who take AMPED Algebra in grades 7-9 learn how to design and manufacture products using CAD, CNC, 3D printing, and circuits. Students’ learning ties in with the projects they are doing, which gives them a much better understanding of why the concepts they’re learning are useful.

Teacher Jenifer Kobe-Rosie shares, “AMPED provides students the opportunity to gain real-world experiences in a classroom setting and skills that today’s employers are looking for.”

Students seem to be seeking this experience too, for personal enrichment and future job opportunities. They love that this class helps them see their efforts come to life as tangible products. Student Aidan Goodrich says, “AMPED teaches you how to run a real business, where you can actually order from the AMPED classes and purchase WVSD merchandise. We learn practical things like using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Google Sheets, which can help you nail a job.”

How do you enroll in AMPED?

All 6th and 7th grade students are tested in math each spring, and those who are ready for algebra have the option to take either traditional algebra or AMPED. High school students who didn’t take algebra in junior high can register for AMPED Algebra and AMPED Design when they sign up for their 9th grade classes. Students and families are encouraged to reach out to their counselor or the AMPED teachers with questions.