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We all know we need to meet certain requirements to graduate, but that doesn’t mean your education needs to be boring! In high school, there are so many opportunities for you to choose from.

This website will help you “shop” for your perfect pathway based on your passions, post-graduation goals, and more. Each Pathway’s page will have all of the recommended classes for you to graduate high school and get on the right track for your future, whether that’s launching your musical career right away or going to college to become a nurse.

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WVSD FUTURES Agriculture


Care for and Feed the World

Allied health hero

Health Science

Kickstart Your Path to a Career in Healthcare

WVSD FUTURES Business Marketing

Business & Marketing

Elevate Your Brand, Master Your Market

IT DSC06063 600x420px copy

Computer Science & Information Technology

Unlock Your Future: Code, Create, Innovate!


Graphic Design

Learn to Create Visual Content

JROTC Bags Removed 600x420px

Public Service & JROTC

Serve Your Community

WVSD FUTURES Manufacturing

Skilled Trades

Building the World Around Us

CWU med

Ram to Wildcat

Earn credit toward high school and college!

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Arizona State University

West Valley School District partners with ASU to provide students an opportunity to attend online college courses at no cost.

Futures generic placeholder

Running Start

WVSD partners with Yakima Valley College to offer a Running Start program. This program is administered by Yakima Valley College.

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College in the High School

West Valley High School has agreements with many universities to offer classes that meet the universities’ standards for college-level credit.

Compare Learning Options

On-campus, off-campus, online, hybrid, specialized focus, college credits–the opportunities and ways to learn are endless at West Valley High School. Check out the comparison table below to see which option might be best for you. If viewing on your phone, scroll from left to right to see all options.

General EducationCollege in the HSRam
to Wildcat
Running Start
OverviewMeets graduation requirementsSampling of college level courseworkComplete general education college
requirements at CWU
Half-day career focus in areas not
available at WVSD
Community College courses at Yakima
Valley College
College Credits EarnedDepends on pathway
Grades 9-12
Some Placement Tests
Grades 9-12
Some Placement Tests
Grades 11-12Grades 11-12
Placement Tests
Up to 20 credits per year provided by
Books, Fees
Credit transferability
Approved university or collegeCWU yes; other colleges maybeDepends on the class and the schoolDepends on the class and the school
Other costs & considerations
$15 placement fee; CWU resources
available to student
Transportation, books, registrationTransportation, books, registration

Latest News

Screenshot 2024 01 11 at 1 20 40 PM

Robotics and Agriscience Opportunities in a Shifting Landscape

Our families have relied on farming for over 100 years, but recently we’ve seen an exciting shift in the space where technology and farming meet. More and more we’re seeing the equipment and machinery used to grow, harvest, and package crops become more and more reliant on software, robotics, and automation. This is opening a host of new opportunities for students interested in a hands-on career in science and technology, and where the Future’s Robotics/Agriscience pathway comes in.


No worries! Talk with your counselor and they’ll help you figure out the best approach to your learning style and passions. There are many opportunities outside of what’s listed on this website including the Innovation Center, Virtual Academy, and more.

We totally understand that finding a field of interest can be scary, so we have a General Education Pathway for you to follow. This will list the general education classes you need to take to graduate and you can find your electives from the list here.

We encourage you to talk with some of your favorite teachers, or a counselor, to see what group of classes or Pathway they might recommend for you. There are a lot of opportunities that you might not have thought of before.

It is! We need to make sure everything can fit into your schedule and meet graduation requirements, though. Contact your counselor and they can help you put together a custom schedule that will hopefully check off all your boxes.

Yes, it is! Whether you’re coming in as a sophomore, junior, or senior it’s never too late. We recommend contacting your counselor to see what classes you need to take to graduate that will still align with your interests.