Each year, the school board secretary certifies the budget for the upcoming fiscal year following a public meeting to review the budget as required under Washington State Law. This meeting is typically held in the weeks prior to the upcoming school year.

The budget is prepared on the modified accrual basis of accounting. It is then reviewed and adopted by the School Board and establishes the total appropriation expenditures for each fund for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board then executes a resolution requesting the approval of the transfer of funds from the General Fund to the appropriate fund for payments.

The current budget is included below. Check out our Resource Library for archived budgets, accounts and fund balance reports. For more information about OSPI budget reports visit OPSI Apportion, Enrollment and Fiscal Reports.

Long-Range Plan

West Valley has experienced tremendous growth over the past 30 years. To meet these needs now and into the future, the WVSD School board is working to develop a long-range facilities plan to guide their efforts and create optimal learning environments for our children.

To learn more about the state of our schools, current bond activities, construction updates, and long-range planning goals, see here.

Long Range Facilities Plan