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2021-22 Boundary Map: click here
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Note from the District:


The West Valley School District will be implementing new elementary school boundaries effective at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year.  The new boundaries will reflect adjustments made for: the new Apple Valley and Summitview school buildings, adding 5th-grade students to the elementary schools, neighborhood schools, and safe walking and bus stop areas.


If you would like additional information you may view the interactive maps above, or contact Angela Von Essen - Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations -  at vonessena@wvsd208.org.


What you need to know:

    • All six of our elementary schools have the same curriculum throughout grades K – 5.
    • We have fall, winter, and spring student assessments in reading and math along with intervention specialists at all six schools that develop strategies to meet the needs of students. The similarities of our six elementary schools far outweigh any differences.
    • Some district programs (i.e. PAL, DLC) are located at specific schools and those assignments/choices have been made, or will be made at a later date.
    • There is a process for requesting a different school than the school assigned to your student(s). The District Attendance Areas Policy is Policy 3130, and the District Attendance Area Transfers Policy is Policy 3131. These are accessible on the district website, under School Board Policies and Procedures, and guide the decision-making around transfer requests from one school attendance area to another attendance area.


Interactive maps are powered by Google Maps. Therefore, West Valley School District cannot guarantee that all addresses appear in the correct location.  Please contact our enrollment specialist by calling (509) 972-5986.