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West Valley Transportation Department wants to ensure that all students in our district always have a safe and positive bus riding experience.  We use the Positive Behavior Intervention System (P.B.I.S) throughout our district in which our school staff, bus drivers and department administrators acknowledge and reward positive behaviors, educate students on B.U.S. expectations (Be Responsible, Use Safety, Show Respect) and follow a progressive consequence method when expectations are not met.


7509 Ahtanum Road,

Yakima, WA 98908

Phone: (509) 972-5590

Fax: (509) 972-5591

Snow info line:  (509) 972-6002


Director: Jaimi Schmidt  ext: 4053

Coordinator: Sheryl Raddas  ext: 4052

Secretary/Dispatcher: Christy Lovestrand ext: 4051

Student Discipline/PBIS Liaison: Gabriela Alves ext: 4058


The West Valley School District uses the FlashAlert system to communicate with families regarding school closures due to inclement weather