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General Substitute Information

Substitute Coordinator-West Valley Schools
  LeAnne Ries (509) 972-6008

Certificated Substitutes:
Half Day (3.75 hrs.) - $82.50 a day
Full Day (7.5 hrs.) - $150 a day

Paraprofessional Substitutes:
$16.86 per hour Starting the 2020-2021 School Year

Substitutes are paid on the last day of the month for the previous months time worked. Example: September time worked will be paid Oct. 31st, October time worked will be paid Nov. 30th etc.

All substitute teachers must hold a valid Washington State Teaching Certificate or Emergency Substitute Certificate with WVSD #208 listed as approved school.    

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications are accepted when there is a need to grow our substitute pool.

To have your name placed on our substitute teacher's list, you must successfully pass a pre-employment substance abuse screening before employment. A criminal history records check through the Washington State Patrol/FBI must also be conducted pursuant to RCW 28A.400. It will be the substitute teacher's responsibility for payment of fingerprinting and substance abuse screening costs. Please contact Human Resources for fee amounts. (509) 972-6015 You will need to also complete all other required HR paperwork.

We utilize an internet based substitute assignment system - AESOP. This enables the teacher to submit their absence online, and it also enables the substitutes to access the available jobs in the same manner. Substitutes don't need to wait for a phone call, they are free to accept any assignment they would like to. It is a system which greatly streamlines the substitute assignment procedure. There will be automated phone calls made by AESOP, the night before or the morning of an absence. After you as a substitute, complete the necessary paperwork and clearances, your name will be placed into AESOP, with a username and password. This will give you the ability to immediately begin to accept assignments.

In the event of a school closure or delayed start time in West Valley School District due to in-clement weather and/or conditions, the closure or delay will be announced on the local radio or television stations. A Flash Alert will also be issued via email and app. The district voicemail system will also provide accurate information regarding such closure/delays at 972-6002.

Be sure to report directly to the office upon arrival to any school.



Ahtanum Valley Elementary

(509) 972-5500
Richard Pryor, Principal


Apple Valley Elementary

(509) 972-5510
Heidi Sutton, Principal


Cottonwood Elementary

(509) 972-5520
Stacey Drake, Principal


Mountainview Elementary

(509) 972-5530
Nick Hartman, Principal


Summitview Elementary

(509) 972-5540
Eva Lust, Principal


Wide Hollow Elementary

(509) 972-5550
Richard Ferguson, Principal


Special Education Services

State & Federal Programs:

(509) 972-5560
Lucas Jaeger, Director

West Valley Middle School:

(509) 972-5700
Russ Tuman, Principal
Crystal McDonald, Asst. Principal
Nick Clark, Associate Principal


West Valley Junior High School:

(509) 972-5800
Russ Tuman, Principal
Debbie Cameron, Asst. Principal
Kevin Van De Brake, Associate Principal


West Valley High School: (509) 972-5900
Ben McMurry, Principal
Jeff Jamieson, Asst. Principal/Athletic Director
Justin Wright, Asst. Principal
Klayton Wyckoff, Asst. Principal

Sarah Sarah Flickinger-Peterson, Asst. Principal


Administration Office: (509) 972-6000
Dr. Michael Brophy, Superintendent
Dr. Peter Finch, Asst. Superintendent of Learning & Teaching
Angela Von Essen, Asst. Superintendent of Business & Finance
Randy Souers, Director of Human Resources