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Parent - Child Home Program (PCHP)

Preparing children for school for ages 2-3 years

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PCPH is a program that prepares young children for success in school. PCPH provides families with free educational books and toys, as well as materials for parents on how to engage children in early learning.  If you have a child near the age of two, you may be eligible for this program. Early intervention is key!

Program Coordinator - Leanne Morse
Phone 509-823.2055
Home Visitor - Lynette Longee 
Phone Number: 509-910-3323  
Home Visitor - Kim Benoit 
Phone Number: 509-961-8280  
Visitante de Hogares - Haydee Santana 
Phone Number: 509-969-8888
For more information: 972-4128
Para mas information en Español llame:969-8888