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Flash Alert / Closures

School Closure Information
Snow and inclement weather can create confusion for all of us when it affects school schedules. As school closures and delays often come early in the morning before school starts, it is important to be prepared for West Valley procedures and protocols. For the latest updates: (509) 972-6002
School buildings, facilities, and transportation may be closed due to inclement or extreme weather conditions (snow, freezing temperatures, wind chills, etc.)

In the case of a school closure, classes will continue online for a Remote Learning day. This will alleviate the need to makeup school days

Students can prepare by making a habit of bringing Chromebooks home every day as well as any other necessary supplies. Attendance will be accounted for and additional instructions and information will be communicated from their school and/or teachers via Google Classroom.
Late Start 
School operations will resume two hours after their initial start times. Alternative bus routes may still be applicable.
Late starts are communicated through the same mediums as school closures. *See below
Prepare for bad weather by...
  • Listening to your local radio or T.V. stations *Listed below
  • Dressing your student for cold weather 
Additional Information
Flash Alert
If you would like to receive emails regarding school delays, school closures, and other important information, click the Sign Up for Flash Alert and create an account for yourself in the regional “Flash Alert” system.
Once you have created an account, you can download the FLASH ALERT APP. You will then need to login and set up alerts, to receive alerts, when a message is posted. Please note that phone manufacturers have different processes to set up alerts in apps. Please refer to the user manual that came with your phone to set this up.

Flash Alert no longer offers a texting option.



If you have difficulty creating an account, please feel free to contact the IT Department: (509) 972-6020
Daily Updates/Snowline 
(509) 972-6002
KIT 1280 AM KHHK 99.7 FM
KXDD 104.1 FM KSOH 89.5 FM
KATS 94.5 FM KARY 100.9 FM
KYAK 930 AM KYPL 91.1 FM
KUTI 1460 AM KLOV 103.1 FM

KRSE 105.7 FM KYXE 104.9 FM (Spanish)
KFFM 107.3 FM KZTA 96.9 FM (Spanish)

KNDO-TV Channel 23
KAPP-TV Channel 35
KIMA-TV Channel 29
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