Mental Health Support - West Valley High School

Kelly Nutting is a school-based mental health therapist at West Valley High School who is contracted through Catholic Charities – like Guadalupe Huitron-Lilly at the Middle Level Campus. She describes her role as meeting the needs of students who are faced with anxiety, depression, and behavioral challenges as well as assisting students with instances of trauma.

What it is:

Kelly hosts weekly sessions with students to address social and emotional challenges. Her goal is to understand students and work with them to develop a plan so that they can learn about their individual challenges and how to handle them throughout the different phases of their lives.

Sessions are goal oriented and build upon one another. To take the pressure off of students, she encourages them to develop their own goals. Throughout her sessions, Kelly sees herself as a multi-purpose tool to assist students as they work through whatever they may be facing.

Sessions also allow time for students to bring in new topics and occurrences in their lives.

How it works

Parents, teachers, counselors, and administrative staff can all refer a student who may benefit from Kelly’s services – students can also refer themselves. The intake process consists of students personally meeting Kelly and discussing how they can work together to become their healthiest version of themselves.

If a student or parent would like to make a referral, they can contact the high school’s counselors or administrative staff.

A note from Kelly

“Support is here for you in West Valley! We have a great team dedicated to serving our students. Just like you would go to the Doctor to address an injury, you can always come to a therapist to discuss mental health.”

Get Connected

Every day, Kelly hosts meeting via Zoom, over the phone, and in-person to provide maximum accessibility for students.