High School Welcoming Small Groups

Due to state restrictions, West Valley High School has yet to offer their students with an in-person learning option. However, the high school has been working alongside the Yakima Health District to provide support for a select group of students within a safe and healthy environment.

How it works:

The high school has reached out to a select group of students that require additional support in order to succeed in their classes. This select group has been invited to the high school four times a week so that they may utilize the school’s resources to catch up in their classes or receive access to reliable internet and technology.

Before entering the building, students and staff members must complete their daily wellness screenings on Skyward and check in with the front desk health monitor. Students and staff are expected to wear masks and maintain social distancing guidelines while on campus.

The school day begins at 7:55am. Administrative staff help students settle in by checking students in and giving them a quick rundown of what the day will look like. All seating arrangements have been made to accommodate social distancing. Every day, high school administration is prepared to accommodate all those invited, but has yet to see over half of their invited students.

From 8:30am-12:00pm, students tune into their zoom classes and participate accordingly. Once the school day concludes, students are welcomed to seek additional help from their teachers, but must schedule an appointment. Students who are not invited to the school may also reach out to their teachers for in person office hours opportunities. Teachers are allowed to see students in groups of 5, but students must schedule this time in advance to abide by health and safety restrictions.

Some classes – such as welding, sports medicine, and fire science - welcome students into the building in groups of 5 for project-based learning.

A note from Principal Ben McMurry

“We really want to encourage the students who need support to come in. The building provides stable internet access and opportunities for them to meet with their teachers. We are prepared and proud that we’ve been able to create a safe and healthy environment for students who are struggling in these COVID times.”

More Information:

If you meet the qualifications to meet in the building, please remember… 

  1. Mask
  2. Fully charged Chromebook,
  3. Earbuds,
  4. Completed daily wellness screening

Students can ask their Ram Strong teachers about making in-person accommodations.  

The high school is scheduled to provide a hybrid in-person learning option at the beginning of the second semester – January 25. Please have your declaration completed by December 9.