Long Range Facilities Committee

In 2017, the West Valley School District charged a group of community and district representatives with developing an initial long range facilities plan. In 2019, the community voted to support the current Apple Valley and Summitview Elementary school construction projects. In fall 2019 and spring 2020, community members and district representatives continued to meet, leading to the committee recommendation and School Board decisions to move 5th grade students back to the elementary schools with the 2021-22 school year and consolidate 9th grade students in West Valley High School.


The West Valley School District has presented new questions for a Long Range Facilities Committee. The committee co-chairs will be Chris Nesmith, Director of Innovation for WVSD and Ryan Mathew, a community member. The goal of the committee to develop a 10 year comprehensive district facility long range facilities plan.  The plan will be a transparent and accessible presentation of the current conditions, use, and program needs of the district and intended to reflect the goals of our community. 
The meetings will be lead by Phil Crocker of Teater-Crocker, an educational specialist and regional expert in school facility planning.  


Our long-range facilities plan hopes to accomplish three main strategic goals:

  1. a)       Property inventory, excess property sales and potential property acquisition
  2. b)      Needs of building inventory, student capacity, and structural integrity
  3. c)       Strategies to address the financial needs of future projects 


We are building a committee of thirty community members with a broad range of representation to move forward in this work.  Some of the missing community member needs include;


Parent representation from each building

  1. a)       Ahtanum Elementary 
  2. b)      Apple Valley Elementary 
  3. c)       Cottonwood Elementary 
  4. d)      Mountainview Elementary 
  5. e)      Summitview Elementary 
  6. f)        Wide Hollow Elementary 
  7. g)       West Valley Middle Level Campus
  8. h)      West Valley High School 
  9. i)        West Valley Virtual Academy/Open Doors


Industry Experienced Leaders

  1. a)       Agricultural
  2. b)      Constructions/Contracting
  3. c)       Residential Real Estate
  4. d)      Insurance 
  5. e)      Banking 
  6. f)       Medical
  7. g)      Information Technology


If you would like to volunteer for the West Valley Long Range Facilities Committee, please email Chris Nesmith at nesmithc@wvsd208.org.  Our goal is to have one member from each of these groups.  Meetings will be held four about 1 ½ hours every two weeks with additional time preparing and reviewing outside of the meetings. Please include your name, contact information and which role on the committee you can fill.