Future Use of the Freshman Campus

West Valley School District will hold a second Community Forum on Tuesday February 11, 2020, to gather community input on the future use of the Freshman Campus


A two-part conversation was initiated in November when the district began reassessing facility use in preparation for the opening of two new elementary schools fall of 2021. Two committees have been formed to address first, the possibility of a grade reconfiguration and second, the future use of the freshman campus.


Grade configuration discussions continue with consideration of input gathered at a community forum held on February 4, 2020.


The current 9th graders have joined the High School campus to allow Summitview and Apple Valley to occupy the Freshman Campus while the elementary sites are under construction. The Freshman Campus will be open for possibilities when the elementary students move to their new buildings in the fall of 2021.


The committee, charged with determining the best use of this facility, has done a great deal of research. They have examined how to meet the needs of underserved student populations. The proposal of an Innovation School will be discussed at the upcoming community forum.  This school would accommodate a different learning style and would include:


Self-Paced Element- students will have the ability to work at their own pace. This would create an environment where students could accelerate or decelerate their curriculum based on their needs.

Competency/Standards Based Learning- students would be required to meet specific standards set by the state. Students can progress through courses as these standards are met.


Individualized Learning Continuum- each learner would create an individual learning plan based on their needs.

Flexible Day- traditional school schedules would offer flexibility for students depending on needs of the learner.

Serving 7-12th Grade Learners- open to learners who would benefit from this program after the 6th grade and throughout our grade span.

Additional considerations: socio-emotional resources, application process, fewer time constraints, supports for pathways (internships, apprenticeships) and dependent on school leadership (principal and teachers) for success in meeting the various needs of a diverse group of learners. 


It is important to the West Valley School District to have community input on this proposal. Please join us at a community forum on February 11, 6pm at Wide Hollow Elementary for further discussion.  Findings and recommendations will be presented to the School Board on February 25.  The West Valley School Board will determine if any changes will be made to the current West Valley programing.