West Valley Grade Reconfiguration

The addition of two new higher capacity elementary schools, scheduled to open in the fall of 2021, coupled with the necessity of a process to re-boundary, to accommodate these schools, has led to discussions of a possible grade reconfiguration in West Valley.


These discussions began with focus groups, reviewing research on grade configuration, a deeper dive into our own data and staff and community input. Through this process our focus has evolved, and the most important issue that has risen to the top is; “Are we doing what is best for kids?”


West Valley is a high performing District and we are very proud of our educational programs but will also recognize there are always areas of improvement. With this opportunity to reevaluate, we want to find solutions that benefit each and every student. The tremendous engagement from community and staff in this process is a testament of an outstanding commitment to kids. We appreciate all who have been engaged in this work. We also would like to extend an invitation to a wider audience for further discussions. West Valley School District will be hosting a Community Forum on Tuesday, February 4 at Wide Hollow Elementary from 6pm to 7pm.


This process was initiated in November through a series of focus groups. It was then determined to continue the discussion through 8 weekly committee meetings with community and staff members, led by Dr. Peter Finch. The committee expressed interest in several grade configuration possibilities and the pros and cons of each have been recorded. During the last committee meeting members were asked to submit any possible solutions for West Valley.  We will review all of the data and information collected during this process at the Community Forum held on Feb 4. The meeting will then be open for additional feedback from the community.  Further evaluation of feedback will take place at the final committee meeting held on Feb 6. Findings and recommendations will be presented to the School Board on February 25.  The West Valley School Board will determine if any changes will be made to the current West Valley programing.


In preparation for the Community Forum we are making all data and information compiled during this process available.  Please see the attached grade configuration research, compilation of pros and cons, parent survey and West Valley student data. Please review this information and join us at Wide Hollow Elementary on Feb 4, at 6pm for the Community Forum.