Structured Play

Can a child learn something even when they are playing a game and having fun? Absolutely! In our kindergarten classes, this is called 'structured play' and it is one of the best ways for young children to learn new things.

Structured play can take on many forms. It can be any physical or mental activity that teaches children new skills such as communication, patience, turn taking, innovative thinking, and collaboration.

What Is Structured Play?

Structured play, or "play with a purpose," is any activity that offers our kindergarten students a specific learning objective. It could be learning a certain life skill, or working on important physical gross and fine motor skills.  Kids are challenged with play and focus on their thinking and imagination while engaged in the activities.

Our AV kindergarten team of Mrs. King, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Lambert, and Mrs. Johnson have been researching and investigating to concept of structured play and the social and emotional benefits for our students.  Through their implementation within their rooms, and the collaboration with Mr. Hancock and the gym, they are supplying our kids with purposeful opportunities to play, discover, learn and grow as an individual.

We are excited and motivated with the implementation of structured play activities and the support it provides for our growing learners and the results it is proving as they grow into life-long successful citizens.