West Valley's Kristin Johnson lights up world history and yoga classes

While being a longtime student in the West Valley School District, I can confidently say that I’ve had many amazing teachers. But without a doubt, the person who previously taught my yoga and honors world history classes, and who is my senior class office adviser, is one of the greatest: Kristin Johnson.

When I was a sophomore, I walked into world history class without exactly expecting much out of it. I just thought it would be like any other history class, not knowing that one of my favorite courses would be heading my way. Mrs. Johnson not only taught one of the most interesting classes, she did it with a type of spirit that lit up the room. She’s funny, well-spoken and caring.

In my junior year, I was happy when I saw I’d be taking another class with Mrs. Johnson, which was yoga. Even as a gym teacher, she is very caring. Every day at the end of class, as we lay in Shavasana (Corpse Pose), she would remind us that it was a special time to relax and cuddle up in our imaginary warm blankets and spend time in our happy place. Mrs. Johnson acknowledged that school was hard sometimes and yoga was a place for us to get away and have some personal time, which was very much needed my junior year.

Now that I am a senior, I don’t have a class with Mrs. Johnson but she is the adviser for senior class officers, in which I am a social chair. She spends her time with us, making sure that we have a great senior year. She is also the community contact for my senior project, which definitely has not been easy, but has come along well with her advice and support.


Mrs. Johnson is a great teacher and adviser. She has helped with a lot through high school, and I am very thankful for her guidance, humor and support.


Melissa Mendoza is a senior at West Valley High School.

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