Catering Information

The 75th Avenue Deli Delights is happy to accommodate customers in organizing special events such as fundraisers, PTA sponsored activities, luncheons, dinners, etc.

Please call Lori Munoz at 509-972-6048 or email for information and quotes.

Below is a list of questions and information that is needed to assist you in organizing your event.

  1. What is the date and day of your event? (We need at least one week notice!)
  2. What is the event name?
  3. Who is sponsoring the event?
  4. Where is the location of the event?
  5. Who is placing the order?
  6. What is your contact information (phone number and/or e-mail address)?
  7. What is the time frame for the event?
  8. What is the serving time for the event?
  9. How many people are you expecting?
  10. What type of food and beverages do you desire?
  11. If planning this event in a District facility, will you be planning on using the school kitchen? (If so you need to add labor $20.00 per person per hour, this includes the use of kitchen and equipment, to your order for a Child Nutrition kitchen helper during your set up/clean up and event time. You also need to fill out a Facility Use form, found under Departments, Facilities, Forms, to ensure your space is reserved and not being used at your desired time.)
  12. Who or what organization will be paying for this order? (A billing mailing address must be given.