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Administrative Proposal to Modify Elementary
Attendance Area Boundaries

64th and Ahtanum – Ahtanum area
5 units of 55 ready in July, the rest in March, 2018.

64th and Occidental – Ahtanum area
Multi-family development of 660 units. Estimated a couple of years away.
Owner focused on 35 single family home development first.

Wide Hollow and between 83rd/88th – Cottonwood area
Multi-family development of 330 units.

South West Wood to HAPO Credit Union – Summitview area
Multi-family development of 300 units

8805 Summitview – Apple Valley area
44 single family unit development.

8911 Summitview – Apple Valley area
12 single family unit development.

Attendance Area Switches/Map
Meetings with administrative team, elementary principals, and transportation director to develop a plan for moving students to the southern and western portions of our district in order to accommodate the current and near future growth.

5 Neighborhoods selected for change:
Summitview to Ahtanum – 103 students + 25 students from 64th and Ahtanum Development = 128 students

Cottonwood to Mountainview – 25 students

Cottonwood to Mountainview – 20 students

Apple Valley to Summitview – 47 students

Apple Valley to Cottonwood – 20 students

Overall Changes:

Ahtanum Valley                      Gains 128 students

Apple Valley                           Loses 67 students

Cottonwood                            Loses 25 students

Mountainview                         Gains 45 students

Summitview                            Loses 56 students

Wide Hollow                          unaffected for now

Notice sent to parents/guardians of all students who would be impacted by the Elementary Attendance Area modifications or participating in programs that would be impacted by Elementary Attendance Area modifications.