West Valley Teacher, Bradley Leibrecht, Research and Lesson Plan Published 

Recently, we shared a story about Mr. Bradley Liebrecht, our social studies teacher at West Valley Junior High, who participated in the 2016 Understanding Sacrifice program with National History Day®. After more than a year of dedicated work and a trip to Europe to further his research, we are proud to announce that his fallen hero profile on Staff Sergeant George R. Kennison and lesson plan, Examining Effectiveness: The Strategic Air Campaign of World War II, has been published on ABMCeducation.org.

From the official press release:

Designed to reinvigorate the study of World War II in American classrooms, the lesson plans are multi-disciplinary. Using primary and secondary sources, videos, and hands-on activities, students are transported from the modern-day home front to the war front of the past.

Liebrecht said, “My students inspired me to learn more about World War II. Since my Fallen Hero was a B-24 gunner, I took an interest in researching the effectiveness of the strategic bombing campaign. I want people to remember that World War II was fought by ordinary people. George was an ordinary person who stood up to serve his country and fight for our freedoms. George and the other brave men and women who fought with him deserve to be remembered for their heroism and sacrifice,” said Liebrecht.

He hopes students will walk away with a vivid understanding of the high cost paid by all Americans during this war.