WVJH Microsoft Certification Pass Rate #1 in Washington State 

West Valley Junior High School has the #1 pass rate ranking for middle schools in the State of Washington for students testing for Microsoft Certification. This means our junior high school students pass the Microsoft Certification test at a higher rate than students at any other middle school in Washington! We attribute this success not only to the students,but to the leadership of CTE Director Chris Nesmith as well as junior high school teachers Zach Dorr and Devina Khan. Congratulations on this outstanding honor! 


We have also provided a Computer Science Scope and Sequence that will take our students from our highly successful middle school and junior high school programs into high school. Students can register for the IT Academy in 9th Grade with other students who have not yet earned Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. In 2018-19, students will earn their Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) Certification in Network Administration in the IT Academy Program Pathway. West Valley will also launch MTA in Computer Science with Python Coding at WVHS that will connect to College in the High School Computer Science as well as Advanced Placement Computer Science. 


We are well on our way to an exciting Technology Pathway for WV Students!

Posted by WVSD On 13 June, 2017 at 4:31 PM