Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee Signing Day Video 


The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) launched two Youth Apprentice programs in April, one in Tacoma and one right here in Yakima at West Valley.


To commemorate our state’s first 17 youth apprentices, AJAC has compiled video footage and interviews from the two signing day ceremonies we held: 


Trevor Mackey, Osborne Rogers, and Bradley Ethier from our Machinist Program signed up for registered apprenticeship placements with Pexco, Cubcrafters, and Triumph Actuation Systems in Yakima for the upcoming school year. The students will complete the apprenticeship during the school day and will earn high school credits, college credits, and an hourly wage.


We are so excited about this work with the AJAC and the opportunities created with the Youth Apprenticeship program. We feel Youth Apprenticeship is a huge step forward in how we prepare our students for their futures. Without the huge generosity of businesses like Cub Crafters, Triumph Actuation Systems, and Pexco Aerospace, this would have never happened here in Yakima, WA. 


Without the work and support of Dave Gering at Manufacturing Industrial Council and Dan Parker at Boeing, we would not be able to offer apprenticeship as a second-year option for CORE+, where our students earn Math, Science, and English Language Arts credits while preparing for a career. It is this work that has allowed us to place our West Valley Youth Apprenticeship within the school day from 7-11am, which better aligns with business hours. 


Last, thank you to John Aultman and the Governor’s office for sharing in this vision for youth apprenticeship in Washington State. Youth Apprenticeship is a team, and we are very proud of the team we created here in Washington State. 

Posted by WVSD On 18 May, 2017 at 2:27 PM