Mr. West Valley Pageant 



This year’s 15th annual Mr. West Valley Pageant

was a success! In its 15 years, over $900,000 has been raised by area schools. This year, with over $15,000 contributed by West Valley, the total has reached over one million dollars! Contestants raise money from November into February through fundraisers. Funds raised go toward Children’s Health Care Fund, which supports pediatric healthcare at Children’s Village and Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital’s Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Unit.


This year’s candidates were West Valley seniors Jake French, Aidan Hernandez, Aman Tanwani, Charskie Kinloch, Elliot Ries, Abraham Horieh, Jeremy Lennartz, JJ Doria, Robert Clarke, Colton Moen, Justin Van De Brake, and Sean Sieber.

The pageant combines dancing, talent, and community service.


This year, Colton Moen was chosen Mr. West Valley by two judges from West Valley High School and two judges from the community. Mr. Congeniality was chosen by the coordinators and by his fellow contestants. This year’s Mr. Congeniality is Elliot RiesMr. Capitol is a culmination of all of the best talents from all six pageants – JJ Doria will represent West Valley at The Capitol Theatre on April 18th.


Thank you to Senior Coordinator Alexa Burns – who did an amazing job with her fellow coordinators to organize fundraisers, support the boys’ efforts, and manage the business side of the pageant.


Congratulations, boys! 

Posted by WVSD On 02 March, 2017 at 10:35 AM