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Junior High Poster Contest Winner:  Mikayla Harris

See the other winners and submissions at the show!


West Valley High School students have come together to put on the play “Alice in Wonderland” with over 80 5th grade - 8th grade students as cast and crew. 


After spending most of the 2016-2017 school year writing the script for her own version of “Alice in Wonderland,” senior Haley Biegler gathered a crew of 20 high school students to help her put on this amazing production. The high school students composed the music, choreographed the dances, and designed the lighting, sound, and set. They also made the costumes and set and learned the ins and outs of publicity, holding a poster contest.


We’re so proud that these experienced high school students have given younger students the opportunity to be on stage while learning the how to put on a production firsthand.


Says Ruth Veselka, their advisor, “I have consistently been impressed, and at times truly blown away by their generosity, kindness, and creativity in working with these talented young actors and crew.”


Come see this fantastic production for all ages: 

May 5th at 7pm, and May 6th at 2pm and 7pm at the West Valley Junior High Auditorium. Tickets are 5 dollars.

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West Valley student Martin Sample has been accepted to the Air Force Academy! We want to recognize Martin for his hard work as a scholar, leader, and athlete!


Congratulations on your acceptance and scholarship! You have made us proud!

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The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Los Niños Bien Educados program has started at Summitview Elementary. This parenting program was written for monolingual and bilingual Spanish speaking parents. It is a culturally-specific skill-building course with an emphasis on positive discipline and communication. The classes are free, and free childcare and snacks are provided for infants to children 11 years of age.


The instructors are very experienced and professional, and it is an amazing opportunity for migrant and ELL families in our district. At the end of each session, parents receive a book!

The program will run for six weeks, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6PM to 9PM.


To learn more, click here. 

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Last week, we announced the launch of the West Valley Apprenticeship Program. Beginning next year, students out of West Valley will participate in aerospace apprenticeships, which include paid on-the-job training where they will concurrently earn core academic credits and hours towards their journeyman license.


This program was developed as a continuation of the Core Plus block program West Valley offers juniors, where they earn math, science, and ELA credits. 


The Yakima Herald reported, “Trevor Mackey, Osborne Rogers and Bradley Ethier will receive 2,000 hours of paid on-the-job training with CubCrafters, Triumph Actuation Systems, and Pexco Aerospace, respectively. They will also receive 150 hours of instruction. By graduation they will have not only their high school diploma, but also up to 15 college credits. They will have earned more than $22,000 in wages from their employer and will have nationally recognized journeyman credentials.”


Click here to see pictures and read more.

Watch the TV news stories here and here.


We are very excited about this growing opportunity for our students! 

Posted by WVSD  On May 04, 2017 at 12:37 PM

Last week, the School Board voted not to adjust the elementary attendance boundaries at this time. The Board, however, took action to direct the West Valley administration to assemble a community facilities committee tasked with examining all of our facilities and bringing forth recommendations to the Board, including revisions to our current boundaries that would be implemented beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.


Also, the Board resolved not to disband the self-contained highly capable classroom for 3rd and 4th grade presently housed at Wide Hollow. Instead, the Board charged administration with forming a task force to examine all highly capable programs district-wide for all students. This task force will report its findings and recommendations to the Board.


The Board is committed to continual improvement of our District for all its students. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who provided testimony in our meetings and corresponded with the Board and individual Board members.


Our work, however, is just beginning. We need members of our community to step up and come alongside us on both issues. It is our desire that both committees have balanced representation of administration, staff, Board members, and community members.


Again, we need community members to be part of this process, and if you are interested in serving on either committee, please contact Dr. Mike Brophy, superintendent of West Valley School District.



West Valley School District Board of Directors

Posted by WVSD  On May 04, 2017 at 12:37 PM
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