WVVA Summer School 2017

2017 HS Summer School

Please read below as West Valley has a new summer school program and the process is different than in previous years.

  • Students may begin summer school courses any time after May 1st.   All summer school classes are thru West Valley Virtual Academy (WVVA).  The final day for enrollment is Wednesday, June 28, 2017. 

  • Students will be allowed to register for only one (1) class (.5 credit) at a time during the summer. 

  • Students have until August 18th to complete their courses.

  • HS Library will be open Monday through Thursday, June 19 – June 29, and, July 10     through August 10.  The library will be open 8am-12pm, Monday-Thursday and it is required that students attend at least 8 hours a week in the library.  Attendance will be taken.

  • Summer School students will be scheduled into one of these sessions unless approval is granted for an exception due to extenuating circumstances.

Please contact 
Ashley Lieberknecht 
with any additional questions.  
lieberknechta@wvsd208.org or 509.972.5637